No lovelies, I am not apologizing. This is a post illustrating the proper way for a subbie to apologize. Did you think you just say you’re sorry like in vanilla world? Oh my little subbies that will not do at all.

Now, I am going to illustrates 3 levels. The first is the bare minimum. With the second the bar is raised quite a bit and the third raised even more.

Now the minimum is head and eyes down, kneeling is even better but not required, yet. Ok you are all probably saying…uh pass Sir J, I don’t do that, well then you are going to hate this next part.

When I take on a subbie I tell her about a position I call the sub position. This is a great position for a lot of things not just confessions and apologies. It’s great for scolding, waiting for punishment, corner time, meditations, and really great for presenting the bb for a paddle or cane. It begins with kneeling, bent forward and resting your forehead on floor with your arms out straight in front of you. Your knees should be up to your chest, effectively raising your bb up high. In this stage you would face away from the Dom and then confess or apologize (see I told you, you wouldn’t like it, lol).

Number three is the same, but with the addition of balancing a small paddle, cane or brush on your lower back. This is very impressive as it conveys to the Dom that you truly are sorry and if he feels necessary, you are willing to suffer more for your behaviors. This can be done before punishment or after, even during in the corner.  If you want to impress a Dom assume this position and call him, then confess your misbehavior. I have heard some Doms even allow some mercy for this.

For those of you with a Dom try it. For those who fantasize about having a Dom, try it on your own and imagine the Dom is standing behind you.

Be good, or else…


15 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Found this very informative Sir. I loved the addition of the model showing what must be the 2nd level. (As i see no brush or paddle on her back)

    Since (my) Sir has lifted my book buying freeze, I am off to buy Bree’s new book. Hate to have to assume one of the three possessions for buying books before He lifted the freeze. Thank You for taking the time to post the info, SJ.

  2. I just laughed when I read the second line.. After I read the post all I could think was WOW and please don’t let my Dom see this please!!! I was so thankful that the last part was just a suggestion and not a Order which again had me hoping my Dom never see’s this post!! Oh almost forgot Thank you for the lovely post Sir….

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