And You Can Tell Everybody This is Your Thong

Hello lovelies,

So how cool is that? SJ quoting EJ, lol. Ok, man tough crowd.

Here’s the dealio…When a subbie is having their first session, she is always nervous and a little scared, that’s normal. I usually let her wear a thong the first spanking, for modesty sake.

Now, let’s look at that situation shall we? When you all fantasize about being spanked…oh come on its me, you know you all do it!  You probably fantasize about being OTK and having your dress lifted or jeans taken down, held in place and then your panties taken down to expose your bb right? The humiliation is part of the lesson to be taught.

My question is this, do you feel it’s necessary for the kind of first time spanking experience to have your panties pulled down or, if you are permitted to wear a thong, can it still satisfy the fantasy?

It may seem a benign question but, it can affect a session in different ways. Personally, I feel the sub needs to feel contrite and humiliated, to a point, especially a more mature subbie. But I am also aware of how scary a first session can be. The thought of a Dom you have hardly met seeing you in such a vulnerable position and spanking your bb can drive some subbies to the door fast!! Don’t laugh, its happened.

Does experience trump modesty for you in a session or is it the other way around? As always…

Be good, or else…


31 thoughts on “And You Can Tell Everybody This is Your Thong

  1. hey my lovelies, just talked to Bree.She is so excited to meet all her fans and friends at the conference, and to introduce you all to the other authors .You are all going to have an amazing time , Bree is pretty awesome, no bias here …Your gain is my loss as I miss her like crazy already so…all of you, give her a giant hug, and big kiss for me ….enjoy . Oh yes , be good or else …she did bring her paddle loll

  2. Sir, can you or Miss Breanna do a post on how to email you (as in, tone, etc…). I want to email but I’m a little scared and I don’t know how to approach it…

  3. What? I hate thongs. Never worn them.
    I also hate humiliation.
    I don’t think I’d let any Dom touch my bare bum on the first ever session. I need to respect the Dom on a personal level first. If a Dom accepts this, then he’s worth being exposed to.
    Maybe I’m just prudish…

    • ok lets not say humiliation but embarassment .I think I already posted about this. As for bb spanking. I think you may have a hard time finding a dom willing to spank you with your bottom clothed. Thats why you need the trust factor.I will also say , if you are looking for a true spanking experience, it has to be on the bare bottom

      • Not the first time. I have a hard time trusting anyone. I don’t care if it isn’t “a true spanking experience” then. If the Dom shows me I can trust him the very first time… I’ll think about it. Although knowing me, nothing will ever happen. 🙁

  4. ok lovelies, I am a little disappointed.I mean come on the title is like pun gold!!! lol bam!!!! You did get the reference right?

  5. Friends on the person/Dom….If it’s planned or we have an agreement that you can spank me than I’d accept anything you think I need within the limits that had already been set. If it crosses a line and I can’t handle it I always have the option of safewording. Using a safeword on a bb/otk spanking? Don’t think so. It might be embarrassing but shouldn’t warrant that or leaving. Just means we might need to talk about those feelings after and/or have cuddles/luvs.

    Now try getting me to submit to that or touching my privates if I don’t know you and haven’t agreed to that type of thing. I’ll smack you a good one before leaving.

    I should also add that I’ve only been spanked as a kid and that stopped once I turned 12. Might have avoided some performs if my parents hadn’t stopped, lol. It was never bb though.

  6. I’ve never been spanked, but I would want the thong, for what it’s worth. Humiliation is a huge trigger for me and just being over the knee in the first place would be pushing it for me if it were from a new acquaintance.

  7. For me, my first and only spankings have been with my husband. So I knew those panties were coming down. If it was a person that I did not have an intimate relationship with (not necessarily sexual but felt he knew me completely and understood my needs) then i would want to feel I had some sort of shield or barrier of protection even if its imaginary. That being said, the act of pulling down the panties for a complete bb spanking is part of the punishment/humiliation that most of us have read and fantasized about. Does that make sense?

  8. You already know my answer to this, but I will respond anyways. I’m pretty sure that the thong is bb enough for me for “the experience” The contrition and humiliation will still be there I promise.

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