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Hello my subbies, wannabes, those in training, and you who are scratching your head thinking, who in their right mind would want a spanking, much less on the bare bottom?  Right? lol I get it but I have a topic I want to talk about. Now don’t go hatin -hang in there with me,ok?

Subbies and weight.Okay put down the torches and the tar and feathers, come on its me ..Now I know a lot of you are self conscious about your weight. Especially the badonkadonk, but heres the good news; Doms are the least judgmental when it comes to a female bottom. I can only speak for myself, but I prefer an ample bottom to the  skinny  14 year old boy look the media tells you you should strive for.

Now Bre is by no means overweight, but she has curves and a nice full spankable bottom, which gets spanked a lot more than if she looked like, well you  know….Now I did not really get my Dom on, so to speak, until my 30’s. Thats when I found the balance between vanilla and Dom. but I have been spanking female bottoms since I was 13. Yes thats true- not bare bottoms then, that happened when I was around 17.  Ahh, what a  glorious night that was. But I digress.

Before I met Bree I did a lot of sessions. I have spanked 100’s of bb’s some very well known in the spanking community, and no i do not spank and tell, so don’t ask- and stop pouting…Anyway, I have spanked all shapes all sizes and the most enjoyable were the ones with a nice full bottom. I mean I hated spanking a small thin bottom that was cherry red after 15 spanks. Come on, wheres the fun in that?  Give me a good ample target that needs a good 100 to 300 to be  nice and glowing red all over…

Anyway, heres the point I seem to have taken much longer to get to, than I planned; embrace your curves. I know, especially a first meeting for a spanking, is embarrassing. After all, could you beautiful ladies be more vulnerable?  throw in that you are embarrassed about the size of your bare bottom, and it will not be very much fun.

Trust me, I would never lie to you, as a Dom we love that full bottom. We welcome it, and can not wait to reveal it, otk.  So maybe the vanilla world wants you to look like, well you know… but the D&s world  wants your bottom nice and full and spankable. At least I do, and I bet most Doms agree with me.

Maybe I should have a spanking camp so I could demonstrate just how much I love your ample bottoms…Hmmm…Hold on, I am thinking… OK,  I am back. So here’s to all of you getting the bb spankings you crave, and probably deserve. Until next time..  Be good, or else!


11 thoughts on “Ample Bottom Subs…

  1. It is at the publisher for editing and I am not allowed to nag him. Humprf. Hopefully in a week or so… Depending how much editing Mean Old James is gonna make me do.

  2. Oh, fantastic news! I was so hoping for a story like this;) And a kidnapping…yum! My mental cinema just started…How long will it take till it will be released?

  3. I know…I mean, why does society make it so hard for women to accept our bodies as God created them? what gets to me is when these gross guys…. Name the physical affliction… Talk against women and act like they rate the ‘hotties’? OMG! Also, while I struggle with my curves, John has had the opposite problem….gaining weight. He is cut, i mean BUFF, but he is built like a dancer…long, strong, lean… He has guns and gorgeous legs and ass (makes ya wanna hate him, huh), yet, as a man, he wants to be bigger,stronger,faster. Maybe we should all join together and start changing societies attitude….beginning with us.
    FYI, when I switch…. I don’t care what the rump looks like, I just like to hear the yelling…… Lol!

  4. Those of us who are not blessed we a little junk in the trunk also have a complex for not having the proper assets. No matter how many squats it’s just not going to be the beautiful bubble shape.

    • Hello Lulu Sj here Let me ass ure you lol ok not my best butt oh im killing tonight ok sorry anyway for those of us who would rather spank than ..well anything else all bottoms are beautiful and spankable its just some of us prefer the full kind do not dismay if you do not have a bubble butt i am sure there are many doms ready to redden your bottom i certainly would not turn that offer down

  5. Bikkis.. Bree here.. WAIT until you read Blindfolded! Part of Regans issue is that she looks like a woman… And Master J wants nothing less when he kidnaps her…. Oh, i cant give it away! LOL.

  6. Great blog, and I like that post! There are too many women out there who are driven to a complex about their body because mainstream society tells us what`s THE “ideal” (and, for real, how many women fit into that “slim, toned- my-golden-hamster-eats more-than-me- category”? Five percent? And look into history – it`s just a short trend compared to human timeline).

    It`s so encouraging to hear that opinion from a male;) Thanks SJ!

    I would love to read a spanking romance about a female main character who has not that “tiny-frame”. It`s so rare! That`s why I love Perlita in Bree`s “Cowboys know best” – Italian sensuality means to worship curves;)
    And just for the record – it`s also okay if a man has a little racoon-belly instead of a six-pack;)

  7. Helpful as always Sir. Thank you. I was wondering about that that very topic,having a few curves myself. Camp? I think I’d like that. Maybe you could invite spouses/significant others so they could learn the enjoyment and fine art of spanking. 🙂

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