A Humble 2000


Hello lovelies,

When you think of me what thoughts come to mind?


Fair and just?

Greatest spanker in the universe?

Ok if you are not going to take this seriously we are going to have a problem…stop laughing…ok now I can continue.

Though all of those may apply you forgot a biggie, humble.

I think I just felt the earth tilt from all of you eye rolling at the same time. 

Hear me out, as you know I spank Bree a lot and at times we have had some really long sessions with just my hand. The last one was a challenge from Bree and I won by doing 1500 spanks in one session.

Now come on, I humbly point it out to you, pretty impressive right? If you don’t think so try it sometime.

The other night Bree was feeling, lets say really good, I mean really really good and wanted a session. These are not punishments, not full on subspace session but just a session involving hand and her choice of implements. However, on this night she just wanted my hand and I was more than happy to oblige as I love spanking her bb.

After about 500 or so she said “Do you think you could break the record?” This, to me, was a challenge so…more spanks!!

After I hit (yes pun intended) 1000 Bree had to be a smart mouth and say “Oh did you start yet,” thinking I’m sure after 1000 my hand and arm would be too tired to really do a punishment spanking. Boy did she find out that was a mistake. After about 20 she was yelling and apologizing and we began again.

I will not lie, this was not easy after I got to 1200 or so but I had to get past 1500 so onward. Once I hit 1600  Bree asked “Could you do 2000?” Another challenge though this time said very respectfully. Her bb was a bright bright cherry red and beginning to bruise a bit which is rare as Bree does not bruise but can stay red for hours. Its a tough job but someone has to do it lol.

Droll please…and cue the banner…2000!   

Yes its true, 2000 hand spanks. I think it deserves some applause at the least, maybe a standing ovation or a Dom parade. I mean come on lovelies that’s pretty impressive I say in my most humble Dom way.

Bree had a great time, as did I, and no it did not inhibit me from spanking her the next day, concentrating on her bruised cheek lol.

Just for the record, there is a nasty rumor going around, no names but I’m sure you can figure out who she is, saying my arm gave out before Bree’s bottom did. That is incorrect, in fact I humbly state (see I told you I was humble) that I could have gone on but Bree was starting to feel not so good as the hour before so the spanks started to feel much different. I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Let me ask you all, have you ever gotten this many hand spanks at one time? If so, for what and when? Just curious as this does not happen that often. You never know just how many spanks await you.

Be good, or else…
(Comment from Me!) For anyone who has felt John’s hand, you know there are few that can beat him (no pun intended).  Some have even called ‘red’ after just a couple of smacks- so applause for ME!!!
Now, what he didn’t tell you was that I was playing  Farmville during the majority of the session and that he stopped the fun because he heard a MOO and lost it. I mean, on the floor, holding his stomach laughing, lost it.  Yeah, that’s my big bad Dom! LOL! I’m begging for DOUBLE the record on Valentine’s Day. Ya think he can hold up? Anyone wanna challenge him with me?

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