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We are counting down until the publication of Emma’s Corner with Carolyn Faulkner. We have a cover! I think it captures the creepiness of Jack and this book. As soon as we have a date (hopefully in the next week or two). Make sure to visit all the other wonderful authors that shared over at the Saturday Spankings Blog.

Emma’s Corner: The Darkness Series, Book 2

Tick tock… tick tock… the droning of the ticking clock that sat on the top of the bookshelf echoed through the room.  Emma swallowed, watching as the hands moved to a straight line like a soldier standing at attention. It was six o’clock and time for Penance. Her stomach turned as the sound of her tormentor’s heavy footsteps approached. He was, if anything, unfailingly and depressingly punctual. He was also terribly predictable. As another day of misery crept upon her, Emma squeezed her eyes in anticipation of the long, upcoming hours of unrelenting mortification and anguish. She had nobody to blame but herself. She could have had a different life, but pride got in the way.

If only she had known the course of her journey six months earlier…


Captive in a world without a future, girls like Emma Thompson do whatever is necessary to survive. The laws are harsh, intolerance rampant, and the only means of survival is either conforming to an impossible system, or rebelling against it.

Emma has been given a choice- homelessness (and eventual incarceration) or move to the Appalcian forests to be a domestic worker for an acquaintance of her vindictive aunt.  She choses the latter- after all, nothing could be worse than being on the streets and losing what little freedom you have to begin with, right?

Wrong. After Emma arrives to the isolated cabin home of Professor Jack Robbins, she discovers the truth of a living nightmare. Never knowing what horrors wait for her with each passing day, she struggles to maintain what little power she has- the power of her mind.

She becomes his plaything, subjected to any whim that crosses his thoughts. She tries to hate the feelings he stirs within her, yet is powerless to stop them. He is creative in his discipline, almost as much as his love-making, and suspends her in a world of confusion, desire, fear, and overwhelming need.

The discovery that Jack is the creator of the C-spill, the biochemical weapon responsible for ending the war, introduces Emma to a window of opportunity.  She bravely asks for him to teach her all that he knows, appealing to his arrogant pride- even knowing that to be anything other than the perfect student would result in discipline like she had never known…

It is a risk she is willing to take if it means her escape. But then, he throws a wrench into her plans and makes it impossible for her to return to a society that bends to judgment for personal appearance. She faces two choices—continue to live in the nightmare or take the chance that people are more accepting than she believed.

Warning- this book is a continuation of the Darkness Series. It is NOT a romance, involves dubious consent and extremely graphic, and disturbing, imagery. DO NOT READ if this type of material disturbs you.

emmacorner6This is a continuation of last weeks’ post and the previous week’s post about Emma’s first punishment after disobeying Jack’s rules.

“You agreed to this. It’s your final chance to change your mind. Either do as I tell you or pack your bags.”

Emma shook her head in defeat. It was submitting to this spanking or leave.

“All right,” Jack commanded, clapping his hands down on his kneecaps to emphasize the point, “I want those panties down, little miss.”

Emma immediately broke down into a flurry of tearful petitions. “No, Jack, don’t make me do that. This is too embarrassing, I can’t stand it, let me keep them up, please …”


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