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How does one get here?

Since I’ve started writing professionally, many of my readers have asked if this was for real and where do I come up with the stories. My husband John and I live 24/7 in the D&S lifestyle and the majority of my books are based upon personal experience and real life scenerios. When you get to know me- you will discover that I am all of my female characters in one way or another. Somewhat of a brat, independent. mouthy, and not as submissive as I probably should be (which accounts for the reason I’m always in the hot seat here at home).

My History:

I’ve been involved in the scene since the tender age of 17 when I got involved in role-playing games as means to escape a very unhealthy home environment. Little did I know, but it laid a foundation for my future wants and desires. I kept much under wraps over the years- hiding my preference like so many of us do. My ex had no idea about my secret life or the gnawing fantasies- nor could I trust him to honor it. Please note the term EX!

I switched for a number of years as I explored the dynamics of D&S. I was introduced to psuedo age-play (non-sexual) while in the USMC as a personal aide for a base commander. He immediately noticed that I was lost and confused- a young woman alone in a foreign country, lacking direction and self discipline, plus harboring an awful lot of disdain for authority. He took it upon himself to be an ‘adopted dad’, having had a daughter my age back in the states. His position entitled him to much privacy- but also much criticism. After he received a phone call from a fellow officer regarding his aide’s ‘inappropriate drunken conduct’ at the O-club, my life changed. He retrieved me immediately and, instead of office hours for my misbehavior, I shockingly found myself OTK and SOL (Shit Out Of Luck!). While being comforted afterwards and reassured that I was cared for, I finally accepted my true nature of a submissive. I began my search for answers.

He was my first real Dom and I’m forever grateful for the genuine love and education he gave me as he filled a role in my life that was sadly lacking. He passed away over ten years ago- but his lessons will remain with me forever. He, unknowingly, directed me to what I wanted in a relationship. True D&D and a progression into D&S.

I ran into my incredible husband John over 8 years ago and we struck up an fabulous friendship- with one catch. Our very first outing (a friend date?) ended up with me being upended! I re-discovered the consequences of sass. It was pure heaven to finally meet a man who wasn’t afraid to say ‘no’ and follow through on his threats. Poor guy. Or maybe, poor me. Either way, we met our perfect match and our relationship grew to that beyond friends. I was put through a full submissive training regimen (See Guardian Domination for details) and married three years later. To this day, we are still very much in love and very much in lust- and still growing in our dynamics of a 24/7 D&S lifestyle.

FYI- I never drank to excess since my O-club experience!

This is your place to talk about real issues, questions and concerns about D&S, BDSM, age-play and spanking. We’re not hiding in the corner anymore! Too shy? Email me!

18 thoughts on “John & Bree

  1. Bree,

    I wrote you over two years ago and asked how to find a Dom. I don’t remember all, or even most, of what you told me but I do remember you telling me that if I truly am a subbie then a Dom would find me. It turns out you were right … see SJ? Bree is always right :). I met my beloved, amazing Dom over a year ago and it just gets better everyday. I am so thankful I heeded your advice and waited for a Dom to find me. Over the past year I have learned so much about love, trust, honesty, and what D/S is supposed to be. Becoming His was, is, and always will be the greatest decision I ever made.

    Thank you doesn’t seem enough for the help you gave me Bree. It was, and still is, appreciated and will not be forgotten by me or my beloved Dom.

    P.S. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who gets in the hot seat as you so perfectly put it. What can I say? Other than I’m pretty sure my ass wants to divorce itself from my mouth ….

    Love and hugs,

  2. Hi Bree, Like I’ve said before I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I can’t get them fast enough and when I do I devour them lol. I would like to know if you’ll be adding to Lonnie, Max, and Mik they are my absolute favourite and would love to read more if you could see yourself adding to their story. Thanks so much Debbie

    • Hi Debbie- and thank you! Lonnie and her guys are part of ‘team Dorian’ which means they will be seen in the future. I have so many families that want to tell their story, so I’m sorting through and giving them all I can 🙂 I wish I could write more than a book a month for you guys, but between that and my contract with Penguin, I’m limited with time. Bummer, huh? I wish I could just throw out what’s in my head onto paper for you! Luvs! Bree

    • Hi!The plan is (da-da- daaaaa) ro get everything ‘up to date time line wise’ and then start adding characters/books to the other series. We have several ‘Little’ programs in place- the Safe house (Little Lake Bridgeport) and Lonnie’s house (BDD) which will all eventually fall under the Guardian program so all the characters can have each other:) It’s a huge task I’ve undertaken with intertwining all the contemporary novels/series under the umbrella of Graye Manor, but we (Me, the readers and the characters) are loving it!

  3. Good thing I’m not related to you and SJ. I have the infamous temper of the Irish and I never know when to keep my mouth shut. I’d never have my sitting priveleges …. they’d always be revoked.

  4. Hi I wanted to share what happen today as it made me think of you guys Hope you get a laugh…….. I always laugh when Sir Jon post say subbies be crazy But today my Hubby was talking with me and I put my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes He said are you crazy or just begging for a punishment I have no idea what I was thinking when I did it and most def will not do it again

  5. Aww so very sweet….love love Love it. There might be a tiny subbie in me ….your books get me lost for hours on end when i want to escape to some where else an just forget for a while. (When i have important things to do)

  6. to Di Di Bree is almost perfect truly. only in her middle does she get spanked I have been with her for over 12 yrs and I can honestly say as far as severe punishments maybe 5 ..but they were really severe But come on, how perfect would you be living with me lol

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