A Word of Warning

warning_1Predators are closer than you think. In fact, several of them even host blogs that you read. I had a reader drop me an email that was very disturbing concerning a particular poster. I had heard about this person before- she had used the story of death and abandonment (children, parents, husband), despair and woe (all lies) to get fans, sympathy and money. It’s been brought to my attention that she was exposed, but now her blog is back up and she is making claims that the lies were based on real people.

No comment. I don’t follow her. Enough said.

The internet- especially blogs- are filled with lies. Many are for privacy purposes- like changing names and locations to protect the writers and families. That is totally acceptable. Oh, and what woman doesn’t lie about her age and weight? No problem, and usually laughable. I always lie about my age- but I can get away with it because I look a lot younger than my 98 years.

When the lies are used to manipulate people’s emotions and their pocketbooks- that is where we must draw the line. When the lies make people believe someone is living a life that doesn’t exist- and uses that to gain support for a con job- we have to say NO!

DO NOT send money to anyone unless you actually know them (that means meet face to face, spend time- real time- with them)

DO NOT give anyone your passwords or access to your private account. Identify theft and blackmail are real issues, and there are people who will steal emails/chats to alter them with your name on it, and then delete them from your account to eliminate the original (been there, done that). Homeland Security loves to investigate people who are reported to do this- so report them immediately (including any records you have of their admission).

DO NOT give anyone your credit card number- not even to buy my books. I don’t care how bad you feel for them- tell them to get a job and pay for their own.

DO SAVE any correspondence that asks (or hints) for money, admits/boasts of ANY violation of boundaries (ie entering private accounts, stalking the internet for your information, etc), or starts going off on an obscene story that you need to check the details later. Keep copies of these in hard form with the header on it.

Most of all- RUN LIKE HELL from anyone who asks for or does any of the above and DO NOT look back.

John and I put ourselves out there. Many of you have met us face to face- been to our home, shared meals and spent one on one time with (I love to meet my fans). Many have spoken with us on the phone. Many have even seen my ‘atta girl’ wall with my degrees and USMC discharge (proving my education and experience is exactly what I say it is). I have nothing personal to hide and am very open about who and what I am. John as well- he doesn’t announce to his vanilla friends who we are or what we do because he believes in privacy- but he won’t deny if asked.

Protect yourselves, my darlings. Please. And if you know of anyone involved in such heinous actions, speak up. Protect yourselves and each other.



4 thoughts on “A Word of Warning

  1. Anyone that asks for money online (family or not), no matter the cause run like hell! If they really need the money they should have the decency to contact you personally.

  2. Thanks so much for your advice. It was behoove all of us to be a bit more cautious. It never hurts to remind ourselves that there are bad people out there and to never let our guards down. BTW, I enjoy your blog and drop by as much as I can!

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