A SWITCH IN TIME- Bree, Bree, Bree—

Hello lovelies.

So, we’re moved and enjoying the beauty of the green trees and ocean  but something’s never change.

Bree is still Bree which means, if you look up the word stubborn in dictionary, you’ll see her picture. Case in point- I told Bree not to lift a heavy item, wait for me but, guess what?  Now she’s in a lot of pain, and not just her back.

You see subs forget- a very painful spanking does not have to be with a heavy hand or implement.  A nice switch will get the message across (along with some fire red stripes.) So now Bree’s back is tweaked and her bb is burning , and why? Like I said look up stubborn in the dictionary, and you’ll see why lol.

Be good or else

Sir John


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