Re-release: A Little Play Day

A Little Play Day will be FREE for five days prior to The General’s Little Angel. All proceeds will go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence– so if you or anyone you know has been a victim of this crime, please spread the word so we can help! There’s also a little snippet from the upcoming book so be sure to check it out.

The world of age-play is fascinating to some and a mystery to others. This primer was written from my personal experiences and biography as an APer, and also includes a detailed explanation regarding the practice of this lifestyle, social issues, self esteem, and psychological implications for both parties and their psychological development. In addition, issues such as abuse, nonconsent and other such factors are discussed for those interested in exploring an alternative lifestyle. For both readers and writers of the age-play phenomenon, this will give you insight into the world that really IS from someone who lives it, loves it and writes about it.

It started with a letter:

Dear Bree,
I love the concept of age-play and the feeling conveyed in the books you write, but is this real? How can my husband and myself explore this dynamic? Part of me feels like I am too old, too fat and too inexperienced to begin this ‘journey.’ I’m so afraid of doing it wrong, breaking the rules or feeling like I failed. Can you help me?

My Dear Reader,
The BDSM dynamic doesn’t have an expiration date, nor are there any rules except these three: Safe * Sane * Consensual Would it help if I shared a ‘typical’ AP day that John and I practice? Granted, not everyone does things like this, but perhaps my rendition will give you some direction to start. Use it as a model for you and your partner to explore and then find what works best for your relationship. Mostly, have fun!


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