A Little in the Middle

Hello lovelies,

Before I get to my post I want to recommend a movie for you all. Bree wanted to watch, What Dreams May Come, I had seen parts of it back in the day but did not remember it. It’s a great movie, the ultimate example of love and selfless sacrifice, well worth a look.

Now to my post, as the title implies (rather cleverly if I do say so myself) it’s about ageplay….in a way. Bree has her moments as a middle, not many but on occasion. Like my last post said she won’t let herself act out much but, when we go to the market or shopping (especially to the place I feel should be added to Dante’s levels of hell), Super Target, she has a little…pun intended…ritual.

Some of you may know, Bree is about 5’ 1” which makes it very difficult to find her if she takes off, which she likes to do. I told her to jump up and down so I might see her head bobbing among the hair products but, as we all know white girls (at least 5′ 1″ ones) can’t jump. She thinks it’s funny to take off with the cart. She’s also pretty good at hiding so I usually just wait at the checkout because she has to show up eventually right?

I swear next time I am going to tell the manager I have a lost child. All over Target you would hear “Breanna your dad’s looking for you,” lol. You never know with her.

Be good, or else…


35 thoughts on “A Little in the Middle

    • So lovelies, I’m back from my break. Bree is in the shower however, I dont think its her usually hot shower. I know some of you are aware how that feels on a hot red bb, lol. Did any of you see Jurassic Park 3? If so, the little raptor’s name was Blue. That’s my new nickname for Bree. You see, she has bad sinus and lost her voice so, she can only squeak. During her spanking she was yelling but it sounded just like Blue the raptor, cute and hilarious, and a little sad, but mostly hilarious lol.

      • Pft. This is how my wonderful dombie treats me when I have laryngitus. Instead of hot tea with honey, chicken soup, back rubs, and singing Soft Kitty to me, I get picked on. Okay, ladies, time for Bree-loves!!!

      • Sorry Bree! That’s so not fair!!! UGH yes some of us do know how it feels on a hot red bb. Can’t have any fun. 🙁

  1. Sir I enjoy hearing about yours and Bree’s relationship. I love your spunk Bree and your ways of keeping him on his toes, never a dull moment it seems- very funny and amusing. Oh and just in case you need it Bree sometimes cell phones don’t work in Target. Bad signal, you know, just saying. Not your fault if he calls and you don’t “hear’ the phone.

    • are in the car? And he hears me laughing. He still hasn’t read the comments to this post. As for spunk, how do you think I keep him young? Also, I cant answer my cell phone when I happen to, uh, leave it in the car.

      • Not at all Sir. You can’t get in trouble for something you don’t know about, no signal no phone call, no phone no phone call. Bree in trouble,aww that never happens. But thank you on the “good advice” I do my best. 🙂

        • That’s what I said! What he doesn’t know, can’t hurt you, right? As for me, John- note that Marsha egged me on and I was just responding naturally. It’s her fault!!! I’m innocent.

          • Hey, you are throwing me under the bus? I thought we were suppose to stick together. Being that you live with him I’ll take the wrap for you. You can’t run and hide but I can. Catch me catch me if you can? Not happening! Hehe

          • Me? Throw you under the bus? What ever gave you that idea? (batting eyes innocently). You DID provoke me though, so he has to let it ride and stop doing the Dom grunt from across the room. He sounds like a gorilla.

      • Oh ho, you Are a crafty one. Trying for a spanking is what you were up to. I am shocked Sir hasn’t picked up on that. Oh wait, he has and you aren’t getting one because you want one. Sneaky, very sneaky. LOL

        • Who me? Do you remember that song beast of burden by the rolling stones? Particularly the lyrics..something like. ‘am I rich enough? Am i rough enough? Am I strong enough? Am I too blind to sei?
          My version is… Are you dom enough? Are you tough enough? Are you horny enough? To try to spank me.

          • You are on a roll, Bree. My face hurts. Question: I want to say something so bad, as a sub would my Dom’s rules apply here?

          • In MY humble and experienced opinion, rules only apply if you get caught. As for my being on a roll, I hate to admit this but this is typical me. I’m a little mouthy and opinionated, love to tease and if there is a way I can cheat at a game to win, I do it. FYI, NEVER play minature golf with me. Shocker, huh? Plus I’m safe as long as he doesn’t read through my comments (which he typically skips over because he knows I would never say anything UnBreelike). I am the Mary Poppins of Subbies– practically perfect in everyway. Just ask me 🙂

          • brees going to be taking a l(ittle.)..talk about being on a roll lol. a little break….she doesnt know yet tho. shhhhhhh. lol

  2. Wondering off in the store means I don’t get my ‘going to the store treat ‘. No Fanta Grape drink leads to pouting all the way home. Pouting leads to corner time. It’s a vicious cycle.

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