A Dom’s Dilemma

Hello lovelies,

I got the idea for this post, from one of my subs. How do you punish a masochist? Not as easy as it sounds. Now, in person I can go major de Sade, and bring a hardcore masochist to tears. And yes I have done it but, online that’s a whole other talk show.

Let’s say I am going the de Sade route…If the sub has a spanking machine and an implement she hates that can fit, its possible to make her feel punished. I am just talking physical not mental.

What if she does not have a machine? Well, then a hardcore masochist can’t possibly have the arm stamina to reach de Sade levels.

What to do? The answer is very simple and I stumbled on it purely by experimentation. You do nothing! Let me explain. I have a few hardcore subbie masochists so I decided on a little experiment. Place them bb under or in front of the machine, implement touching their bb and have them reflect for 10 minutes or so, no spanks.

Oh this is truly de Sade punishment for a masochist and so simple. And they end up begging for a spanking, win win for me. Keep this up daily for a week or so and you have one very sorry masochist.

Be good, or else…


4 thoughts on “A Dom’s Dilemma

  1. Sounds like a very intelligent solution to me John.
    Tell me John do you do this to my favorite author Breanna. I know she hasn’t been feeling good the last year because of some very serious Illnesses but when she is well our is she not a masochist
    No disrespect John. Just asking?
    Love your weekly posts John

    • Hey Dave, believe it or not Bree is not a big time masochist, can you say low pain tollerance? So this is never an issue with her and she lives with me so, some would say shes tortured enough lol.

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