Too Hard, Too Light, Just Right


Hello lovelies,

I thought I would write something a bit different today. In fact I want you all to interact with me on this. I want your feedback on a topic I was thinking about.

I would like to know what denotes a perfect spanking for you. One that if you were talking to your vanilla friends or sister subbies you would say “man he can really spank.”

There are many layers to consider, I know. I would think you all will differ here and there.

Consider a reward or play spanking. Then a punishment spanking.

All otk? All by hand only? Be as detailed as you like. And of course enjoy!!

Be good, or else…


17 thoughts on “Too Hard, Too Light, Just Right

  1. Haven’t gotten there yet, but my backside is tingling a little bit listening to your comments and just thinking about it 🙂

  2. The room was nice but as I sat on one of the two chairs in the room I could feel my heart pounding. I was waiting for the knock at the door. Just then there was a knock, I got up and went to the door and looked through the peephole. He was dressed in a short sleeved black shirt over jeans. I opened the door and he came in. He had a duffle bag with him.
    “Alright young lady, it’s time to pay for your misbehavior” he walked over to the table, put the duffle on the chair and opened the bag. He reached in and pulled out a paddle shaped like a heart, put it on the table, reached back in and pulled out a wicked looking strap which also was put on the table, and then back into the bag he pulled out a thin looking cane.

    He pulled the chair into the center of the room, sat dawn and said, “come over here and pull down your pants” my hands trembled as I fumbled with the button, then pulled the zipper down and pulled the tight jeans down until they were at my ankles. “Bend over my knees, we will start with a warm up on your naughty bottom” I slowly lowered myself over his knees which felt like steel and took a deep breath trying to calm down, then I felt his hand in the waist band of my panties and started to pull them down, “please Sir, not on my bare bottom” he chuckled and said ” all spanking are given on the bare bottom, lift up so I can pull then down” I whimpered and lifted up and he pulled them down to my knees. I waited and could feel him looking at my big, white bottom knowing it wouldn’t stay white for long. Then he spanked my left cheek with a hand that felt like a paddle, then the right cheek, and the in the middle, then he got into a pace that was non stop. I tried to keep from making a sound but soon I was yelping ouch, ow please not so hard but he ignored my pleas and kept going, then he lifted his knees so that my bottom was raised so he could spank my sit spots. I could feel my bottom burning but managed not to cry. He stopped, and told me to stand up which I did, then he had me bend over and put my hands on the chair. “Now that you are warmed up you will get 25 spanks with the paddle, you may cry, squirm but no cursing or putting your hands back, if you do I will give you extras.
    Then he smacked me with the paddle, the pain was so intense I couldn’t utter a sound, then the next smack and I started to cry, he paid no attention and gave me 25 spanks and by this time I was sobbing. He told me not to move and picked up the strap, waited until I calmed down and told me, “10 with the strap, all on your sit spots, and then gave me 10 licks with the strap, I screamed but took all ten, and my legs started to give out. He took pity on me and told me to put two pillows on the bed and lie over them with my bottom up. I shuffled over to the bed and put myself over the pillows. “Now 12 strokes of the cane and count them out.” By the time the strokes were given I was limp and couldn’t move. He said “your forgiven” gave me a hug and covered me with the sheet and I fell asleep in exhaustion.

  3. It starts with this statement:: Come her Young lady Take down your pants and Get over my knee after I am positioned to his liking He states This will be the last time we have this issue That I promise you. You may cry scream and wiggle But you are not to reach back or do anything the try to stop me . I am already planning to take your bottom to a whole new level of Red (All the time he is scolding he is also spanking on top of my panties) So If you would like a second spanking later after this one is done feel free to not obey me At this point he lowers my panties but only to above the knee and precedes to spank harder then I thought possible This last for a while ( I swear it was hours) steady smacks on every spot of my bottom and thighs He stops I am still crying when he says not red enough but you feel a little hot let me cool you down and he puts a wet ice cold rag on my bottom ( Still not sure how I missed seeing the bowl of ice water and rags on the night stand) While he is scolding me about how He doesn’t like having to repeat himself , revisit the same issues and being out right defied and disrespected ( which makes me feel worse then any spanking could) He States Maybe a Very Red sore bottom will help you behave then he removes rag drips more water over me And says Now I am really going to talk to your bottom as your ears aren’t listening and he starts to spank There is no pattern he is every where sometimes staying in one spot for a few spanks then moving to another and each time he thinks my butt is dry he wets it again and just keeps going He spanked and spanked I promised cried and begged But he went past it all And He did show me a new color red and it was the worst spanking of my life and I never did that again I also Never again state that a hand spanking wasn’t that bad Cause I was wrong It was worse then any paddle And yes My Man can spank!!! sometimes I wish it wasn’t so good at it

  4. Recently I played and I have to say to date it has been a spanking of deliousness in a box. Started with otk.. then there were otk impliments … one actually had marbles… mmmmmmm …. I tend to lean towards a stingy than thuddy impliments …. cane, strap … love love belts! And ends with snuggles and loads of hair combing.

    • Hummm…I will tell you a secret. I’m becoming more and more intrigued by the idea of a belt spanking but I’m not brave enough to say it to the person who could actually take care of that. Cowardly I know.

    • I just want to say thank you to Sir John for the opportunity to share with other subbie sisters. I’ve never had anyone else to discuss this with before. Even my sister, who thinks Fifty Shades Of Grey was abusive, wouldn’t understand. What a true gift.

  5. I’m to large for otk although I would like one. I don’t have sister subbies so I can only imagine what others go through. All mine are done over the bed. The perfect one would be hand then straight to leather strap. No cane or heart attack what so ever!

  6. Well, for me the closeness of OTK and the use of a firm hand, at least at first, is more bonding than sex. If my legs are between your legs and my hands can’t reach my backside I can let go and release everything. It is the best ever!

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