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Hey Y’all!

Now, everyone know all about John’s ‘reminder’ appointments, right? Yeah, yeah…2:00… bring an implement…bend over the knee… all to help keep our marriage exciting and healthy, right? Yeah, you believe that poppycock as much as I do. But, I digress…

A dear friend of mine was asking me about why this lifestyle is so important to me, and why (in the hell) would anyone put up with anyone (John) spanking me.

I believe that everyone who reads my books and this blog are wired with some sort of mechanism that makes the backside tingle. It tingles when the ‘s’ word is used; when they watch a scene in a movie; when their eye falls instantly when a paddle or rug beater is present in an antique store; or when they hear the sound of a belt being pulled from a pair of pants and the jingling of the buckle as it’s folded in half… (how many of YOU just got that tingle? Hmmm?)

I wrote her this email. The contents are very personal and I am sharing them because you, my readers, already know everything about my hopes, dreams and fantasies every time you open one of my books:

Mmmm, I love 2:00- 2:15—2:20 appointments, lol. I had a very interesting thing happen to me this time and I hope it’s okay that I share it.

Now, you know this (our 2:00 appointment) is all in light hearted ‘play-‘ not serious training or anything. And John is getting used to hunting me down (in a closet, under the bed, in the bathtub…) and having to ‘instill some discipline into my wayward bottom’. hee heee heeee

I hit subspace pretty damn fast, so I really don’t feel much of anything- unless he goes really quick. Well, I sassed about today, and he decided he wanted to make me squirm. I can’t get away from him- he’s really strong- but I reached a point that all I wanted to do was to call out Daddy. Not FOR Daddy, just Daddy. Weird huh?

I stopped him- things like this are important- and told him what had happened. He was so sweet and asked why I didn’t (call out Daddy). I told him I didn’t want her (my Little) to be hurt again. He said he never has hurt her and he never will, and held me as I cried! Yes, I actually cried.

Then he started to leave and I told him he can’t keep me hanging emotionally, and that he needed to take me one way (little) or the other (big) but not suspend me between the two. So he did. I felt nothing- and he used a thick school paddle. I’ve been in subspace bliss, but never like this before. The rest is TMI, but here is the point-

That is why I do D&S. That is why I submit. Something inside of me was freed today.

And no, my ass still doesn’t hurt. 🙁



3 thoughts on “2:00 Appointment

  1. Thank you for this post it has given me hope and a better understanding/acceptance of myself.

    As for those ten pounds…well I’m with you on that one. Just started a 60 day program called PiYo. 🙂 Good to know I’m not the only one feeling like I need to drop a few pounds.

    • Sorry, hon, but we don’t put our pics out on the internet for privacy and protection reasons. There are a lot of crazies out there and since John works in a vanilla field, we need to make sure he is protected. I hope you understand. There are a ton of peeps who have met me face to face, though… so I am real! Bella Bryce, Patty Devlin, Dinah McLeod, Renee Rose…
      Plus, I have ten more pounds to drop! LOL!

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