Saturday Spankings….JENNIE 3

Saturday Spankings


Coming to you on Feb 15, 2019

Book 5 of the US/International Best-Selling

Reverse Harem/Age-Play series!

Billion Dollar Daddies©: Jennie 3

Jennie and her four handsome Daddy Doms have returned with more laughs, tears, and hot times as they find ways to occupy themselves on the long, winter nights in  Alaska.

The tiny town of Northern Lights is preparing for their fourth annual WIN (Winter Ice Night) campout. Hot cocoa, an igloo building contest, ice-skating, bonfires, ball gowns, and loads of CANDY are just a glimpse of what the ladies get to look forward to. 

Being a Big girl in a poly-household is fun and satisfying, but so exhausting! It’s been a happy challenge for Jennie to adjust to the needs of the men, but well worth the effort. They treat her like a princess when she behaves, and a naughty little girl when she doesn’t, but are always there with love and A LOT of guidance- whether she wants it or not. With WIN around the corner, she’s  trying SO hard to be extra good- but mischief has a way of working itself into the picture. Add to that a dose of stubbornness, and it’s recipe for trouble.

Jenn’s not alone. Her BFF and fellow mischief maker, Lena, introduces her to the greatest delight in the WIN celebration-  the girls are allowed to do ANYTHING they want without consequences! Of course, their Daddy Doms are experts with maneuvering around the rules and find ways to ‘show their love’ that even stun Jennie-the queen of loopholes herself!

So many wonderful things have happened since the four-man team took her in. She’s finally in a place where she’s happy, loved and desired. How could she have prepared to what was waiting around the corner that will change the lives of her, and her four wonderful men, forever?



Do you love Lena the Ballerina?

Be watching for the first of the Northern Lights© series where Lena’s story begins with the Markford brothers.

Coming April 2019!





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