Saturday Spanks Groundhog Day!!

Saturday Spankings



Yes!!  There is more of this US/International Best-Selling, and totally unique, Reverse Harem Age Play series coming your way.

Say Hello to Jennie and her 4 hot Daddy Doms! 

Coming February 2019!

The town of Northern Lights is preparing for their fourth annual WIN (Winter Ice Night) campout. Hot cocoa, an igloo building contest, ice-skating, bonfires, ball gowns, and loads of CANDY are just a glimpse of what Jennie gets to look forward to.

She just isn’t expecting what’s waiting around the corner that will change the lives of her, and her four Daddy Doms, forever.


Let’s not forget about our sweet Miss Molly-pup. Can anyone guess what she’s up to when she’s allowed to roam free during the event? Don’t let that mushy, innocent face fool you!!!




And, of course, our Jennie is in some trouble- as usual. Can you guess which daddy’s lap she is over this time?

“You’ve been a naughty little girl,” he scolded as he peeled my sweats to my knees. “Your backside’s still red from yesterday, and yet you can’t keep out of trouble. Maybe it’s time you feel what a real spanking is like.”

I was so damn aroused that I didn’t care.

“Wake me up when you’re done, okay? FUCK!” I twisted my head and looked at him with wide eyes. “That hurt!”

“Wake you up? Let’s see if you can sleep through this.”

“Holy mother of—SHIT! Are you using a paddle?”

“Nope. Just my hand. Ah, there’s a pale area.”

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  1. Definitely a case of needing to be careful what you ask for. And asking a Dom to awaken you once he’s done administering discipline is a challenge few, if any, could ignore. She’s a sassy little thing.

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