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Saturday Spankings



The town of Northern Lights is preparing for their fourth annual WIN (Winter Ice Night) campout. Hot cocoa, an igloo building contest, ice-skating, bonfires, ball gowns, and loads of CANDY are just a glimpse of what Jennie gets to look forward to.

She just isn’t expecting what’s waiting around the corner that will change the lives of her, and her four Daddy Doms, forever.


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Once again, Sam’s up to something- but this time, it’s not her fault!
Or so she claims…

After losing her temper and physically flattening a jerk on base for sexual misconduct, USMC Lt. Samantha Quimby is approached by the lovely Col. Joyce Howe under the pretense of an SJA inquiry. Instead of punishment, Sam’s ordered on a secret assignment to investigate a  dangerous situation in a local high school where several military dependents attend. No problem, right? WRONG.

Except for her father and uncle, everyone believes she’s placed on administrative leave and is allegedly sent ‘back to school’ to learn how to socialize with people closer to her age. It wouldn’t be so bad if her folks were home to fish her out of trouble, but they’re called cross-country to a mandatory meeting. That means her brother, Michael, and her boyfriend, Richard, are left in charge.

Behaving like a high schooler is not in her blood- nor can she keep her mouth shut in class. From rolling her eyes in Calculus to reading Tolstoy in Russian, the girl keeps paving her way for more trouble when the frustrated principal calls Michael to pick her up. Now, the boys can deal with Sam’s saucy attitude, but they can’t overlook her sneaking out of the house, stealing her uncle’s Hummer, or lying to them. Yep, she’s busted- but she’s under orders NOT to tell anyone about her mission!

If all this isn’t enough to contend with, Sam’s relationship with Richard has reached the place where neither of them can’t deny their need for one another. Promise, or no promise, Richard’s determined to make Sam his- and she’s not about to stop him!


Did you know:

This mega novel was originally written as a personal escape from reality. The only girl in a household of military men; loved, adored, and disciplined. Believe it, or not, it was vanilla (except for the spanking) and Sam’s BF, Richard, came on the scene after I revised it for the readers. The series was originally published many years ago after being gleaned and compromised- but now that it’s back under my care, all the goodies PLUS extensive revisions, are here for you to enjoy.

Did you know:

That the boys from Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie were under Scott Jenkins command? Say what??? Yup! So be watching for a Special Edition of Billion Dollar Daddies with Sam AND Jennie on the cover, and get ready for double the trouble and twice the fun when Sam and her family head up to the chilly waters of Alaska for a good, old-fashioned USMC reunion!

Did you know:

I’m the 4Ocean Logo Blueproud, adopted mommy of L-41 Mega? This beautiful adult male can be identified by his enormous dorsal fin with the notches in the back. He hangs with his family around the waters of Vancouver as a resident, and is a very protective and loving uncle to his sister’s kids. If you ever wondered what ‘Tonrar’ (Ton) looked like- well, here he is!


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