SJ’s Version of the Insanity


Hello my lovelies,

How are you all? I hope at least a few of you have or had a red bottom recently. Here is my version of the latest installment of our very own Desi and Lucy D/s couple, baba oww…get it?

Oh come on, that was good…Ok I digress.

So if you remember from our last episode Bree wrote something on the blog that was improper for public consumption then challenged me by saying she was not scared of me etc.

You all know me and you know this could not be ignored. After grabbing her by the ear and taking her upstairs she was put OTK and her bottom bared for her spanking. Now, after about 25 and Bree’s imitation of an eel on a hot plate trying to wiggle away, I asked her if she was sorry for acting up on the blog. You would think in that position she would apologize and maybe cut the spanking down, right?


Not only did she not apologize, she started mouthing off. Why do subbies do this? You’re pinned down bb getting spanked and you get mouthy? I love you all but you are crazy train sometimes.

After a while she apologized, about 150 spanks later that is. Then, she said she wanted 100 more!

Wow! Really?

Well of course I spanked harder and after about 30 she was yelling she had changed her mind…a little too late that, lol.

Then she wanted 200, and finally 300!!! Each time yelling louder than the last. Finally after about 800 spanks her bottom was the color of the brightest red apple you have ever seen, which I love, as you all know.

After I asked her “Why did you mouth off and get extra? And then ask for more when you were yelling and squirming??”

Her answer…wait for it…She rubbed her bb and said “I’m insane.”

Seems this is a genetic trait in subbies, you lose your minds temporally and get much more than you wanted and do it time and time again. Like I said I love you all but…crazy train!

Be good, or else…


A Heartfelt Apology

Hi y’all,

I received an email this morning that broke my heart. It was from a fan, and a dear friend, that I had worked with through the AMP program. In the midst of this horrendous move, plus a myriad of personal things, a promise I made to her slipped my mind. I wanted to publicly apologize and ask for forgiveness, for it is never my intent to hurt or disregard anyone.

I am so sorry. Please forgive me.

For any of you who email me personally, please know that I will do my best to get back with you as soon as I can.  Life gets in the way at times, and I am as flawed as anyone else, but that is no excuse for rudeness on my part. If you don’t hear from me, PLEASE drop me (or Lily or John) another email and say- Hey!

Thanks to all of you. Again, my sweet friend- I am so, so sorry.

With Sincerely Love and Deepest Regrets,


Shannon’s Instructions #WIPitup Wednesday


We’re so happy to be apart of the WIP It Up Blog Hop. Over at the WIP It Up Wednesday Blog, myself and the other authors get to share with you bits and pieces of their works in progress. We can’t wait to see what everyone has been working on and I’m perhaps a little bit excited to share what I’ve been holed up on the computer writing. I have several books in the works but since I’ve already teased you with Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My! snippets and this is our very first post on this hop I thought I’d introduce something brand new. Meet Shannon from King Dom Comes


Shannon’s hand trembled uncontrollably as she reread the letter. It contained one word, written in a bold script:


She knew this day would come. There was no escaping her fate from the moment the king had placed her in the hands of the Sisterhood of Truth, a tiny and isolated convent located in a remote village in Northern Ireland. He had left her with the hope she would gain the education, and learn the discipline, that would be necessary to take the place by his son’s side as a wife and Queen. Her future was set, and Shannon’s love and respect for the departed ruler did not leave room to question this destiny. She struggled with only two questions- When would the new king, Domitri d’Gavril, come for her and how would he receive her unique ‘gifts’?

Pulling her waist long, fiery red hair over her left shoulder, Shannon lowered herself to the hard wooden chair perched next to the tiny window of her chambers. With a shiver, she tried to milk the heat from the last rays of sunlight peeking through the hazy glass and splashing against the stony dampness of the room. Would Moldavia hold warmth for here in either temperature or its people? Shannon knew little about geography; only that it would take months to reach the small eastern European kingdom of Moldavia. Her journey would take her far away from the lush green hills of her home where legends told of flying fairies that played among dancing leprechauns and wood nymphs- far away from the bogs and fens that swarmed with life- and even farther away from the political indignities and religious unrest that plagued the rest of the world. No longer would she live in fear of the Roman church and the heinous crimes committed against those who did not practice their faith in that same manner. She again wondered if her betrothed would embrace her talents as his father had done- if he was even aware of them. Surely King Malkai would had told his son that the woman he was marrying was not normal, in the conventional sense of the word.

All the Chocolate


One of the best things I’ve heard all day…It’s National Chocolate Day! Otherwise known as the Best Tuesday/Pre-Halloween/Have that delicious dessert Night ever! I might be busting into a candy stash as we speak.

Misha from Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My! has a particular affinity for dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts so I thought I’d share another glace into the life of Alex, Misha and the cute tiger cub Rodin.

“I don’t think Kena’s too happy about her kitty,” Misha giggled, as the dog rumbled a warning growl. Rodin ignored her, walking across the steps and crawling over the mastiff’s back. In one smooth motion, he was in the pool. Kena jumped to her feet, barking frantically at the splashing cub.

“I’ll get him,” Alex sighed.

“He’s fine. Bengals are made for the water. Let him learn how to swim,” Misha reassured him.

Alex just shook his head and dove into the pool, making sure he drenched Misha in the process. Rodin followed him as he swam laps, and then crawled into his arms when he stood in the shallow end. The tiger cub purred loudly, licking the water off his chin with a rough tongue.

“You’re getting too big to carry for much longer, kitty,” Alex said, cradling the cub affectionately before handing him over to a very wet and annoyed Misha. “I think he’s hit the fifteen pound mark. I’m just glad he hasn’t decided to make my fingers part of his diet. Those little piranha teeth are sharp as hell.”

“I can’t believe you got me wet, you jerk.”

“You needed some cooling off,” he said, wiping his face with a towel. He watched as Misha flipped the cub onto his back and rubbed the furry tummy. “You know you won’t be able to do that for much longer, honey.”

“Yeah, I know. I gotta enjoy it while I can, right?”

Alex watched her, his heart aching. She needed to remember the cub was not a pet and would have to be introduced to a habitat as soon as he was old enough to fend for himself. Right now, though, Alex did not have the heart to break Misha’s delight. His new roommate was quite a challenge to get to know, surprising him on occasion with a few tidbits of information about herself, which he was quick to jump onto. Like her weakness for dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and that her favorite plant was an Ocotillo. The day after she shared these things, she came home to find a box of Hawaiian candy on her bed and a blooming Ocotillo plant in the corner of her room, next to the window. She had no idea that he had driven clear out to the desert to find the perfect plant for her, or that he had picked out the pot and planted it himself.

P.S. Go eat all the chocolate! This is your free pass. National holidays don’t come around very often so you have to celebrate while you can!

Around the Couch in 80 Seconds



Please tell me this—will I ever learn? Probably not, but there are times (like now) that I wish I would!

Sooo, for those of you who don’t know me, I have a big mouth.

-I don’t usually need to get the last word (because I get easily distracted and forget what was being said)

-I don’t have screaming fits (unless you touch my candeeee- then it’s war)

-I don’t need to talk over anyone (unless I’m standing on a ladder and trying to climb out a window because I’m being chased and I am crying for help).

No, it’s far worse than that. My big mouth is used for when I:

-Try to use his (John’s) words to work in my favor.

-Inform him that ambiguity in a statement favors the one not stating it; hence, he can’t spank me for that particular rule

-Think he’s not reading my smart a** blog posts and I say something stupid like “haha, I’m not a’scared of you.”

Truthfully, I’m NOT “a’scared” of John. John is a big, old pussy cat marshmallow man with a heart of gold. No, I’m not a’scared of John in the least. My bottom is.

Yeah, so he chased me down. I am beginning to think he does that on purpose to wear me out. He then had a good old time going caveman on my butt for those comments as well as the sweet endearments of ‘bite me’ to my sub sister. Personally, I don’t think that’s fair because:

  1. It was said lovingly
  2. I love being bitten
  3. After rubbing on some cotton candy flavored lotion, I taste really good and just wanted to share.

I mean, really?




Meet Tiger #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

Boy do we have a busy few weeks ahead. Still in the process of unpacking but I’m happy to report Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My! is at the end of the production line with King Dom Comes not far behind. Luckily we can share a bit more then the normal 8 sentence teaser for this SatSpanks. After you’ve read a little about Misha head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog to see what all the other spanking authors have to share.

Liars and Tigers are Bared-Oh My!

A different meaning to the word ‘catty’! Highly independent, big cat expert Misha Miller finds herself being transferred – against her will – from field rescues to a private wildlife sanctuary owned by Alex Hodges. She meets her match when she discovers he won’t give in to her tantrums, and won’t hesitate to put her promptly over his knee for lying or putting her safety at risk.
 Alex discovers that Misha’s lies go much further than breaking promises – she has a dirty little secret that comes out the day he gives her a sculpture of The Danaid by Rodin as a gift. The hunt begins – Alex for Misha’s heart, and Misha for complete independence.
There is one problem, however: she is the surrogate mother to an infant tiger cub, and needs Alex, and his resources, to help her keep the cub as her own.
Misha is unexpectedly drawn into a new and different type of wilderness: one of bondage, domination and, quite shockingly, love. But is love enough for her to allow Alex to place a collar around her own neck in the form of a wedding ring? 
“So, I hear you moved, Tiger,” Jack commented through the enclosure gate, as Misha hand fed the three adult Bengals. She ignored him, concentrating on her task. The cats had only been there for six months after having been rescued from a zoo. They had been living under foul and abusive conditions, and it had taken daily exposure to her for them to finally allow her to enter the enclosure without snarling and hiding. Now, they cuddled her like kittens.

Jack watched her carefully. The Boss would have a screaming fit if he discovered what she was doing. Alex had two strict rules about feeding time—never by hand, and always with a partner. Misha ignored both; apparently the slight woman felt she was above the need for safety. Jack held the door for her as she exited the enclosure, locking it carefully behind her.

“We need to talk, kid. You can’t go treating those cats like they were house pets. You know as well as I do that they could turn any minute, without warning. They’ve been starved and abused, and no amount of cosseting is going to change the fact that they are still wild animals.”

“I know what I’m doing, Jack,” Misha stated flatly as she walked away from him.

He grabbed her arm and gently forced her to face him. “You aren’t going anywhere until I am done talking to you, little girl. I know you are confident in your work and that you are one of the best; but you would never allow me or anyone else to put ourselves in that same situation. You would tell us that it was too risky, and the animals too unstable. It would break my heart if they decided to make you into their next meal. I’ve already been through that scare once with you and don’t want to ever experience that again. Please, promise me that you’ll stop hand feeding them.”

“That event was a different situation,” Misha argued. “The cats like it! You know that no one else can get them to eat like I can, and it’s because they feel safe with me. You can’t stop me!”

Jack’s eyes began to smolder with annoyance. “I can’t? Misha, if you were my daughter, I’d put you across my knee, skin down those trousers, and spank some sense into that pretty, thick skull. Promise me that you will stop this nonsense immediately!” he barked.

Misha’s eyes widened in surprise. Jack was usually pretty laid back, and never asserted his position of supervisor, or long-time friend, on her. “Okay! Fine! I promise. Happy? I’ll feed them through the bars like they were caged animals.”

“They are caged animals. We can’t let them go to the Wild Animal Park if they don’t learn to eat like tigers. And you had better not be telling me what you think I want to hear. I know your tactics; you’ve been using them for years with me. No more lying, hear me? I swear that if I catch you again, I will paddle you raw, and then I will tell Alex and let him deal with you. Trust me, love, you don’t want to go to that place with him. I am serious about this. Am I clear?”

Misha nodded, rolling her eyes. “Men and their testosterone! I promise, okay? Now get off my case and go do your own work. If you’re that bored, I’m sure there is lots of elephant scat to be shoveled, and Scout would love you to clean his enclosure.” “Sassy little wench,” the older man muttered, walking away.

“Oh, you have not seen sassy yet, Jack!” Misha called back.

Jack paused and turned to her. “Just a word of warning, missy. Alex is old-school. He is not the type of man who makes idle threats. He will paddle your backside in a heartbeat if you push him, and he won’t hold nuthin’ back. Watch your tone with him, if ya know what’s good for you.”

“I’m not afraid of anything Alex Hodges does, Jack. And if he thinks he can spank me like

I’m a naughty child, then I say ‘bring it on, buddy’! He hasn’t seen my fangs in action yet.”

“I’ll make sure I tell him that. Cuteness will not work with him like it does on me.”

“We’ll see.” Misha sniggered.

Stay Tuned!

Will He Ever Stop?


Help? I mean, HELP!

Something clicked in John’s beady little brain that said, “Hmm, our top stairs bedroom faces an open field…no windows to the right and the bathroom hall and tub windows are closed to the right. That means, NO ONE can hear her scream!”

I can’t explain it any other way then to tell you that something’s turned to rainbow in the Land of Hayse. And that something is my bottom. Since I got the kitchen up and running, he seems to be more attentive. Yes, I get the usual cuddles, tickles and hair tugs (NO flowers yet…I am so disappointed. Do they even sell flowers up here). But more—

Maybe I am living with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Dom? Shhh, don’t tell him this-but OMG. Hear me out:

Teenage. As all of you know, John is 198 years old. That means that certain things slow down a bit and focus is upon more important things- like which Oreo is better…Regular or Lemon? Ladies, it is like living with a twenty-five year old…Will he ever stop? Gawd, I hope not!

Mutant. Speaking of NOT stopping, he’s also transformed. Yum. He has evolved into love machine that has no off button. Will he ever stop? He better not!

Ninja. I NEVER know where he is hiding. We have carpet throughout the house and I can’t hear him sneaking up on me. There is nowhere I am safe from his ninja-like approach to capture me unaware. Why would he do such a thing? Maybe because of his Teenage-Mutant half? Or maybe…

DOM. It never stops. I’m on the couch. He spanks. I’m in bed. He spanks. I’m walking out the front door. He spanks. I’m taking a bath. He spanks. No place is sacred in this house! Would you believe me, though, if I told you the one place I have not been spanked in is the torture room? I KNOW! I’ve been Ninjaed Teenage Mutanized there, but not Dommed…

Will he ever stop?

Luv you all,