Charlie Jasso, the Alpha Prime of the Oregon Mountain Lion Prides, has loved Violet Martin since they were children. After four years of painful silence, he never thought he’d see the feisty, independent, and reckless Lioness Shifter again. But when she suddenly presents herself at his doorstep after running away from her feral mate, he realizes that their unexplainable bond exceeds the confines of Earthly love.

 Battered and terrified, she begs for protection for herself and her unborn children. Her cry for help awakens more than Charlie’s desire to claim her. Something mysterious about her pregnancy brings forth a primal need to protect, defend, and claim her litter as his own. 

But things aren’t always what they seem to be in the dense forests of Westfir, Oregon, and the untimely death of Violet’s father leaves many unanswered questions. It doesn’t take long for the mysteries to unravel as Charlie and Violet expose a plot to destroy rare Mega Sabertooth Shifters like themselves. The enemy is within the camp, but who is it and what is their motive?

As if all that isn’t difficult enough, Charlie finds his hands full dealing with a beautiful, stubborn woman who refuses to follow his orders for her safety. Unfortunately (or not) for him, lionesses like things a little rough, so the threats to put her across his knee only brings a smile to her face! 

The race to protect Violet and her babies lead the couple to seek help from the Bear Clan, but the cost for that protection is painfully high. The Clan demands that Violet and Charlie are not only Bonded, but they’re to mate while Violet’s still in season. This command sends both Violet and Charlie cascading into a spiral of fear- and not just because of the risk to the mother and present litter. Their child, one born of a Super and Pure Mega, is destined to change the lives of every shifter who walks the Earth and would end life as everyone currently knows it. 

Would the Mega Supreme serve good or evil? Only the Ancients know.

The enemy will stop at nothing to prevent this birth, and a deadly power play threatens others both in, and out, of the Shifter world. As the future Alpha Supreme, Charlie claims ownership of Violet, the litter, and the future and prepares for a fight to the death to protect all three.

Now, if only his stubborn lioness will listen to reason and let him be the Lion that he was born to be!


Proceeds to Benefit the Coastal Humane Society in appreciation for the love and care given following the July 2020 abuse and abandonment of my beloved girls.





Hi Guys!

Well, all of you know what’s been going on in my life. Sad to say, there are a few nasty people out there who are getting a good chuckle (i.e the schizophrenic Marsha/Jackie who stirred up so much trouble last year as well, as several haters from the past who still don’t know why they hate me! LOL). The only one getting the last laugh, though, is me.

Karma that has come to the ex-publisher and her cronies who spread all their garbage and bombarded my marriage with their attacks. It’s a good thing, though- because in the process of their gossip and unrelenting lies, I’ve discovered some sad truths. The first, and foremost, came from his ex-wives and girlfriends that he’s a submissive/switch and has lied to so many of us for so long. There are other ‘interesting’ facts as well-

Honestly- I don’t care if someone is a switch, submissive, gay, or an alien from outer space- but be truthful and don’t waste other people’s lives because you don’t have the integrity to be honest with yourself. Needless to say, I am SO grateful to be rid of him and his baggage- including these psycho online ‘subs’ who worship the fake ground he walks on. Truly.

So, here’s to you, naysayers, home wreckers, and bullies- If you want him, PLEASE take him. You can be his next mommy, okay? Just remember that things aren’t always what they seem to be- and neither is he.

The coolest thing is I’m NOT lonely. Not only do I have a slew of new friends (he’s no longer around to keep me isolated or in a box serving him)… but there might be a new romance blooming on the horizon. No hurries, but I feel attractive and wanted- and by a smart younger guy who has a successful job, all his hair and teeth, nice-smelling breath, and whose parts WORK. Yep- I’m happy- I’m free- and I’m living the dream in the most beautiful place on earth.

So many awesome things that have happened since my return from Illinois- including my newest book! Being a writer, I put all this emotion (and vengeance) into a new piece, and I’m really excited to share it with you. In thanks for all the love and care given to me through the Humane Society, I’ll be donating the first months profits.

For those of you who didn’t know, the Border Collies had been abandoned without food or water while I was still in Illinois. The animal cruelty investigation/vet estimates it for about ten days. Besides severe weight loss and dehydration, 11 year-old Diamond was severely diabetic and went completely blind. I found her at the bottom of the stairs with an injured leg. Princess, 13,  was outside in the rain and comatose and in liver failure.  Both were covered with feces and feet shredded from the glass left shattered on the floor. Yeah, there’s a special place in hell for people who do this to animals- and I’m hoping it starts with jail.

Keep an eye out and please spread the word- Sabertooth Daddy will be available SOON! Again, the proceeds will go to the local Humane Society to help other animals who have suffered from neglect and selfishness like my sweet girls. Animals deserve the best- and they rely on us to give it to them.

With all Luv,



Plugging Away!

Hi Ya’ll!

I wanted to update you on the going’s on here. The perps remain in hiding- both are wanted for Animal Cruelty and Identity Theft and, in addition- John for tax evasion. His ex wives/GF are also coming out of the woodwork with more shocking news. Besides being a criminal, liar and animal abuser, I’ve discovered that he’s been deceiving all of us in more personal levels– starting with being submission/switch. I honestly wouldn’t have cared- but to lie and pretend for all these years? Brittany repeatedly claimed he was gay as well- and, after a history of using women for his financial security, nothing surprises me. It’s just so hurtful that he’d lie to all of us- you and me- for all these years. Did he think we’d never find out the truth? I pity whoever is stuck with him now- it’s only a matter of time before he destroys their things and they discover the truth about him. I was so fooled- so many of us were. But that’s the mark of a conman, right? At least the next woman will be spared- he has absolutely nothing left to offer.

Pathetic and sad. So sad. He chose this path.

The things stolen by Brittany- including my diplomas, USMC commendations, escrow papers, my checks, and ALL my banking/personal information- are just some of the damage she tried to cause. She also took every one of my coloring books and diamond paintings! I wonder if she’d be allowed to take those to jail?

Yes, I am pursuing this and the DA is involved.

Am I still stunned by the betrayal and lies? Absolutely. But, as you know, I’m a survivor. Every day the house is healing from their abuse, neglect and vandalism- and is giving the animals and me strength to push through. There is also a peace here that hasn’t been- the evil’s been purged and light has entered in.

Kodiak has taken to his job a Guardian Dog in the most unbelievable way. No one enters without his permission- even people he’s known have to be approved by me. He doesn’t leave my side for a second and, at 105 pounds, this 8 month old puppy has become my safety net. He watches over the others like a hawk as well. He’s especially adorable with Diamond.

She went blind during the ten-day abandonment, dehydration and starvation. They had left glass shards everywhere that severely cut up her little feet, and trash everywhere, so her fear of moving was high. She had been on the bottom of the stairs with an injured leg when I found her and trembling with BG level of over 700.

Kodi came to the rescue. He’s her seeing-eye dog and escorts her in and out of the house, taking her leash during walks, and keeps her from bumping into things. She now barks for him to take her outside! The work he’s done with this traumatized pup is beyond amazing- she actually ‘sung’ to her movie the other night– something I thought I’d never hear again. I cried- it made me so happy.

Obviously, I’m going to have to edit my books to remove the fraud- but I’m not going to be stopped. I have a shifter piece I’m working on and plan to keep writing. I’m not going to kill myself anymore- but take the time to enjoy the perfect weather, the beaches, and my fuzzy family. With the ugly out of my home, I can live as I want to- have friends over, hell- I can walk around naked!

I think I’m going to enjoy this new life. Thank all of you again and again for all your love and support. While I still miss many of my old friends (those Brittany chased away years ago), I’ve made new ones who are real and sincere. I can’t ask for much more than that!


With Luv,




Hi Guys-

It’s been forever since I posted- so many things have been happening that blogging wasn’t the top of priorities. I’m about to tell you why and am so sorry to share this news.

Brittany and John (soon to be ex-husband) are wanted for embezzlement, identity theft, and animal cruelty. While I was in Illinois for Service Dog training (I’m a 100 percent disabled vet), she broke into my bank account with John’s help and stole all my personal/banking/medical information and cleared it out, cleaned out my house of anything she could haul (down to towels and my tool set), trashed it, took my car/house/PO Box keys to strand me, and left the dogs to die. The poor animals actually gnawed opened some cans of dog food they found in my room- and this was after Britt stole 5 cases of food and bags, and closed the pantry door so they couldn’t even get to the biscuits. No water, toilet bowls dry- The dogs they left- one blind by dehydration, fell down the stairs- and the other one starved.  The birds were without food or water, locked in cages filled with mold, and the house was loaded with maggots, flies, and feces. The police are estimating about ten days of abandonment, and weeks (probably when I left) of neglect.

These girls were retired service dogs and gave their lives and love to everyone. How could anyone be so cruel? More so, how could John have encouraged it? I didn’t want to post the more graphic pictures- but its so much worse than you can imagine.

I arrived home a week early (Friday) after receiving a nasty text from John filled with the most absurd accusations (all formed by Brittany). My house was vandalized and I discovered that Brittany’s been pocketing all the excess money since MAY. I should’ve known she was psychotic after she attacked all my author friends on FB years ago, and that she was using my identity to speak in my behalf- but this? And John? She made him dependent on her, lied to him and he went along with it. I’m beyond stunned.

Who does these things and why? I gave Brittany a home after she was abused by her ex. I gave her a car, clothes, food- everything. She was a daughter to me- this is how kindness is repaid. As for John- he’s old, frail and senile, and I believe she’s abusing him too, but he made the choice to go along with her. This isn’t the man I knew and loved.

The cops are useless… thank God for the humane society and mail fraud- they are pursing these criminals for animal cruelty and identity theft.

I am still as stunned as so many of you probably are. I never saw this coming- although (as wife #5), I should have seen that John, as a ‘failed’ musician, was using me for his upkeep until he could find someone else. I loved him with all my heart, trusted him with my life, gave him all of me– and to discover this betrayal is beyond my ability to comprehend.

For the second time since the liable and lies of 2016, I questioned where the humane was in humanity. I found it, this time, through my community here in Oregon and on FB, The Central Coast Humane Society, and a single deputy in Animal Control who is pursuing this case to the maximum.

I know times are tight, but if there’s any way you can help, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Personal Emergency Fund

Anyone who is in contact with John- PLEASE be careful. He’s controlled by Brittany now- and NOTHING she says is truth (I have hundreds of text messages and photographs to prove everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie). They will be asking for money and he (after she dumps him because he no longer can get into my disability account), will be looking for wife #6.

Thank all of you and please pray for the animals and me.

Much Love,


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