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 Without Limits: A BWWM Collection of Passion and Desire written by sixteen authors.

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Please join me and these amazing authors in this collection of Love, Passion and Desire.

All powerful and often times uncontrollable emotions. Not knowing when they will strike or the depths that they’ll reach, it can be exciting and scary all at the same time, love takes hold when least expected, proving that love is colorblind.

Including stories from:
Cinderella’s Prince by Stacy-Deanne Author , The Baby Bargain by Stephanie Morris , The Descendants by Angela Kay Austin , Fort Knox by Tiana Laveen , Highland Jax by LaVerne Thompson , Bad Boss by Lolah Lace , The Colors of Love by Breanna Hayse, Hierarchy by Lori Titus, Securing Mika by Sydney Aaliyah , Scorned by Donna R Mercer, Back to Black by @KyoKo M, Love’s Taken Over by Michelle De Leon , Forever Mine by J.L. Campbell, Lucas by Siren Allen , Never Walk Away by Dahlia DeWinters, Law of April by Suzanne Jenkins


The Colors of Love by Breanna Hayse;

Even the magnificent colors of Kauai go unnoticed by police detective Lisel Jones following the unexpected death of her father.  Just when her world can’t turn any grayer,  the man who broke her heart suddenly shows up on the island to take over her father’s desk AND her home!
Lt. Quinton Moore has known his ‘Lisel-weasel’ for most of her life and views his new assignment as a second chance to gain her forgiveness and earn back her love. However; the terms of her father’s Will throws a wrench in his plans. If Lisel wants the deed to her home, she has to live with the handsome man for a year AND learn to smile again!
Lisel’s brain and body are in conflict as she remembers how her flesh once danced under his fingers, but her stubborn nature refuses to give him the time of day. It also frustrates her that Quint, true to his nature, won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. His persistence breaks through some of her walls, and she has to decide if holding onto her hatred is worth risking the possibility for love and endless, incredible sex.
The stormy relationship between the two comes to a head when an unexpected visitor shows up on her doorstep and demands the rights to the property. Determined to prevent Lisel from being hurt again, Quint steps forward and shows a part of himself that she’s never witnessed. Will being under ‘police protection’ be enough for her to wipe away the past and teach her to laugh again? Perhaps receiving more than a simple kiss on the cheek will be the key that opens the lock to her heart…
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Labor Day Weekend…. Labors Of LOVE!!!!

Saturday Spankings


   “I’m going to start dinner. I thought it would be a nice change for the Graye Manorites to experience a good old-fashioned grill with my homemade barbeque sauce.”
   “Now that sounds divine. Can I help?”
   Rob eyed Dorian. “How are you in the kitchen.”
   “Adequate, at most.”
   “Don’t let him fool you. That man knows how to chop vegetables like a pro. Unlike me, he also knows how to boil water.”
   “I never thought you were the domestic type, D.”
   “Life’s circumstances often force you to learn things you’d otherwise dismiss.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “He learned how to cook when he was a boy. Elias and I spent years puking in the backyard after trying one of his made-up recipes.”
   “They weren’t that bad, Meredith.”
   “Wanna bet? It took two rounds of heavy food poisoning before you realized that you don’t leave a chicken to marinate on the kitchen counter for twenty-four hours.”
   Dr. Paige snorted his drink. “He didn’t!”
   “The stories I could tell you…”
   “Gentlemen? Let’s get out of here. I seem to be the target for her mouth today.”
   “You can always make my mouth a target, darling.”
   “Baby-ears, Meredith!”
   “What the hell happened here?” he asked. Dorian and Rob were covered in charcoal dust while Dr. Paige stood to the side wearing a red apron.
   “Ask him,” Rob said, thumbing at Dorian.
   “It wasn’t my fault. The bag came undone.”
   “This bag?” Krissy asked, holding up the article. “It’s only open on one end.”</em
   “See! Chicken story!” Rob said.
  “Go away.”
  “It’s my house.”
   “I guess you didn’t miss me since you had each other to play with. I’ll help pick up this mess while you tell me the chicken story. Krissy? Would you go inside and grab me a beer, please?”
   “Sure. Kiss. I’d kiss both of you, but you’re positively filthy.”
   “It wasn’t my fault,” Dorian grumbled.
   “Get this, Bry. When they were kids, Dorian was learning to cook…”


Note: This book is a stand-alone; however, why eat the sprinkles when you can have the whole cake?

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Saturday Spankings

Book 5 of the Game Plan© Series brings you:


Hi Guys!
     OMG! The brain won’t turn off! Just when I think I’m done with a series- more characters come to visit and demand their own book! 
As all this is going on, John’s playing gigs in Vegas and the Border Collies are helping themselves to the swimming pool- with or without me.
THEN they insist on cuddling me. There hath no love greater than that of a wet dog!!

I also want to thank all of you for your overwhelming response to last month’s release “Up A Notch” (Generals’ Daughter© Book 2). Book 3 is in the works as we speak.
I’ve got a ton of surprises for you coming up, too, so keep your eyes peeled for some MAJORLY hot goodies.


From the author who launched the contemporary Age-Play Phenomena with the Game Plan, we give you Unnecessary Roughness!


Krissy’s mind is spinning happily with all the changes in her life. Her family is growing, she’s engaged to Bryon, and everyone is content… until a visit to The Playground threatens to shatter the hearts of the family’s Littles and enrage the Bigs.

In comes Dorian Graye to the rescue! He and the guys set out to make some permanent changes using the ‘Graye Way’ while his wife remains back at the house loving on the girls and teaching them every bad habit she can think of!

Well, we know what the boys will think of that, don’t we?

Amidst all the confusion and chaos, the Grayes discover that Krissy and Bryon have not had any ‘alone’ time and, within an hour, the couple is in the company ‘copter with some very explicit orders of how to spend their mini vacation.

Meanwhile, back at the house, things are chaotic as always. Little do any of them know, but there’s something stirring in the pot that’s going to knock all of them to the sidelines!

Note: This book is a stand-alone; however, why eat the sprinkles when you can have the whole cake?

The Game Plan (Book 1) with NEW additions
Time Out (Book 2)
The End Zone (Book 3)
Touch Down (Book 4)

Wait! There’s more!

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Book 5 of the Beloved Game Plan Series

Saturday Spankings


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“She thinks she’s so slick, doesn’t she? I don’t think we brought a Middle back from our trip to Graye Manor. I think we brought back a brat,” Bryon clucked, smacking the other cheek.
“At least it’s not the same type of brat we had when this all started. Now, if you please, do your magic so I can do mine.”
“Your wish is my command, big brother.”
“Okay! That’s enough! Ow.” Cassie’s yelp echoed over the little private lake behind Rob’s house.
“Enough? I spanked you a total of four times. That’s all. One. Two. Three. Four.” Bryon stated, smacking her with each count.
Get re-acquainted with the team….. ENJOY!

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