On the Way Home

Bree is on her way home! After almost 2 weeks away she’s en route to me. I’m glad she had a great time at the conference and with friends but I’m definitely excited that she’ll be home. I’m sure there will be more to come later in the week but I’m a little preoccupied at the moment.

I can kind of picture the reunion going a little something like this…


Jade skirted around the table. “I am avoiding you. I changed my mind about being spanked.”

“That is not for you to decide, little girl. Come here,” Griffon said, as he stepped back and pointed to the floor.


“You can mind me, get your spanking and then have me make love to you—or,” he crossed his arms. “You can disobey me, get a paddling, and spend time in the corner. Which is it?”

“That’s not fair!” Jade stomped her foot.

Griffon suppressed a smile. “I’m the Dom; it’s not going to be fair.”

“Can’t you just make love to me?” Jade blinked at him with sparkling emerald green eyes.

“I certainly could, but I won’t. Now, bring that bottom to me and put it across my knees, where it belongs.”

“I don’t wanna,” Jade pouted, slowly circling the table to stand in front of him.

“You have forgotten so much of what I taught you about obedience, haven’t you, little girl?”

“No, I just don’t want to feel pain right now. I want you to make nice,” she said, her lower lip sticking out prettily.

He kissed it. “I will make nice. After we finish our business. He pulled her easily over his lap and raised his right knee slightly, to lift her bottom high in the air. In the future, there will be consequences for hesitating.”

“You’re mean,” Jade grumbled.

Griffon stroked the material over her deliciously-rounded rump. “I suspect that will be one of your mantras. No matter. This is mine, and I intend to enjoy it as frequently as possible.”

Jade yelped as his hand splatted firmly against her cloth-covered mounds. He resumed rubbing the area as he lectured.

“I have waited an awfully long time to touch this bottom again. I am glad to see that you have not returned to your old habits. Maybe the spankings I gave you taught you something.”

“Ow! Not so hard! OWWW!” Jade wriggled. “That hurts, Griff. It’s not fun.”

“I am not spanking you for fun, baby. I am spanking you to ensure you remember who is the boss and why.”

“Yeow!!” she shrieked, raising her right leg as his hand fell solidly again. “Since when are you the boss? Just because you are bigger than me … OWIE!”

“Must you always talk back? Tsk, tsk, I think this dress needs to come off.”

“Noooo,” Jade whined, as Griffon pulled the flimsy sundress over her head and let it puddle to the floor

Naked and Defiant


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Blushing Books

Aftercare #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

Happy Saturday everybody! We have good news for all the fans of the General’s Daughter series. Book four will be released within the next couple of weeks. The timeline for it’s release is always a little up in the air because it can be read over on Bethany’s Woodshed prior to its release but we thank you for your patience and of course your interest. You’ll be the first (maybe second, lol) to know when it’s published and up for grabs. In the mean time be sure to visit the Saturday Spankings Blog for your spanking fix.

General’s Daughter Book 4: Aftercare

Catch up with the Quimby family in the fourth installment of the General’s Daughter series.


“Open this door this minute, Samantha Anne!” Dr. Quimby ordered, pounding on the locked door. She slowly obeyed, returning to the edge of her bed as he slammed the door behind him. “You know better than that,” he said quietly.
“I was trying to make it real,” she whispered, biting her lip.
He sat down, “Yes, but now you forced me to have to make it real as well. Over my lap, right now. I don’t care what’s going on, you will not swear at us like that, for any reason..”
“I’m sorry, Daddy. OOOWWWW!” she yelped as his hand quickly found its way across her bottom.

Far From the Long Arm of the Dom!





Hi, Y’all!

Ahhh, peace at last. I’ll be home in another five days, so I intend to enjoy this time– WRITING!

Got a bunch of things to share with you! The Blushing Author Workshop was incredible! Not only did we learn a whole lot of new, nifty things, but the people who attended were AMAZING!  I will honestly say that I walked away with a boat-load of new friends, fresh ideas, and a greater love of the people I work for, and with! As before, Bethany’s love and generosity blew me away.  This is truly my family- and a home away from home. Get the tissues out because when I leave this time, Sob City!

And no, I did not get into any more trouble than I usually am in. Jim Burke has a forest filled with birch trees… and permission from John.  This girl ain’t no dummy!

I particularly want to publically thank three very special people in my life whose love and care have allowed me to focus on my work:

First, of course, is my wonderful husband.  John writes more blog posts that I ever could; he spends hours each day answering emails from people and mentoring, and provides so much emotional and physical support to me that I can’t even begin to describe. Not having him here to bring me my morning coffee is truly missed!  I am so proud of him- he just finished his first book, too.  So John, thank you, my love.  For being you. I miss you soooo badly!

These next two ladies are my best friends and my greatest allies: Isabella and Lily. They are my bookends- keeping me from falling over when the earthquakes of life rattle my world.  When you hear me say “I have people for that”, well, these gals are my people. Lily runs my life- no joking. Without her expertise in social media and organization skillz, I would be lost.  She also provides comic relief when I start going cray cray, and brings me back to reality.  Isa, my princess, is my rudder. She know the perfect thing to say to keep me grounded in the present world.  She, too, makes me laugh when I need to, and has been ‘my precious’.  What blesses me even more is the relationship those two share with each other- with NO drama!  I am sure each of you can relate about how exhausting that is, and I never get it from either of them!  I am one lucky woman to have them in my life and can’t express enough my love for them.

My AMP girls are amazing! We are coming close to ending the first program and they have been working so hard to grow in their art! I am so proud of them. They will tell you that what we do, as writers, is tough. I have pulled them through the ringer to give them a head’s up about this world, and hopefully prepared them for when they are ready to take the step and give it a go.  There is only one thing I cannot prepare them for- that is the, um, unstable people that we sometimes encounter in this genre.

I do my best to answer every legitimate email personally that comes my way (given that I am provided with a legit return email address). Recently, John and I have been pursued by an individual who is on a seek and destroy mission.  She contacted us initially with the intent to meet up as a swinger (we do not do that) and we politely refused her invitation but offered assistance in  helping her find couples who were interested in that type of lifestyle. Although every one of her emails have been answered (except for the one making a twitter like statement), and a response to her comment about us not returning her email was posted on the blog, she has now upped her crazy with threats and nasty comments about us and our readers.  Hence, we have had to enforce moderation of this blog. I am so sorry- but all of you know that all it takes is one unstable person to sour things for others.  You, my readers, deserve the best that I can give you and I am doing my best to deliver that, in both my books and in my personal interaction with each of you.

I want to thank you all for your love and support, and am so very grateful that I have been blessed with an audience of intelligent, loving, and down to earth fans who love my fantasies (and realities) as much as I do.  To each of you- I am sending a Bree-Hug.  God Bless You!

With all My Love,




The Other Side of the M/s Coin


So lovelies,

It seems I scared a lot of you with my last post. Here’s a little advice, fear what a Dom can do not the Dom, or the Master. Now just as the punishments for bad behaviors are quite severe from a Master, the pleasure/pain sessions are equally as enjoyable.

I thought that might get your attention.

As you know, or maybe you do not, a pain/pleasure session is how subspace is achieved. In the case of an M/s scenario it can be a deep subspace indeed. The bench is used or the bed, with the submissive tied or not. A blindfold or gag is not required but can enhance the sensations. There is usually an anal plug but not necessarily ginger. There is a lot more flexibility in this type of session.

Usually a warm up spanking starts it off and even a Master, when doing this type of session, will allow your feedback…what implements, how hard etc. A lot of the session is up to you. You may make requests, although, once in subspace you will not be able to or want to talk.

Now the main difference in an M/s and a D/s subspace session, for me, is the use of the whip. A submissive that is in an M/s relationship usually loves the whip and her tolerance for pain is usually higher than a D/s submissive.

Floggers are used one or two at a time, of differing weights. If the submissive is not bound these can be used both on the front and the back. The whips are used front and back also but the long stingy whip is used mostly on her bottom, thighs and back. I also do a lot of tapping with various implements, usually canes. Even if you hate the cane a pain/pleasure tapping is very enjoyable and sensual.

The session would go on for about an hour or so. After all the spanks are given a full muscle massage over an oiled body would be applied. This can last a while but it is amazing after a long session. Sometimes the sub is just so into subspace she is asleep. When this occurs I watch her, but let her absorb the experience. If she is just on the verge of subspace then the massage usually puts her over. This is when you will be very grateful your Dom/Master has strong hands.

Still scared?

You see a Dom must have a giving, kind side as well as a strong disciplinarian side. A Master, the same but up about 5 notches or so. It’s all about intensity, and a pain/pleasure session is all about you, a gift   from your Dom or Master. So you see, not scary right? Plus if you behave you get more of these than you do the other.

Be good, or else…


An Escape? #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

We are happy to report that Over the Barrel has been submitted to the publishers. Hopefully with all this summer sun you’re gearing up to read about a spank happy cowboy! Before you get too far into your weekend make sure and stop by the Saturday Spankings Blog and find out what all the other authors are up to.

Tentatively Named: Over The Barrel

We continue with the scene from last week’s Sat Spanks

He took a single step in her direction and Blair’s eyes immediately darted to seek out a means of escape, but Sloan stood between her and the only exit. With a frightened squeal, Blair opened Skinwalker’s gate and scurried into the stall.

“Are you addled? Get out of there now, Blair!”

“Not if you are going to spank me! I would rather deal with the damned horse,” Blair replied heatedly, pressing against the wall as the white horse began to agitate his stall.

“I swear you will not be sitting when I am done with you. Get out of there now!


Stay tuned for updates and more snippets.

Dom or Master

Ok lovelies it seems I got a lot of hits on my last post. Since it was a bit darker I thought I would go down that path a little further. I am going to explain my approach in a punishment session on two different levels. Both, a Dominant/submissive level and a Master/slave level, where the sub/slave has commited the same offense.

Now just a fyi, a Master really does not hand spank that much, yes he does on occasion but M/s punishments are usually for very serious offences. Ones that require a lot more than just a hand spanking. I will also warn you it does get a bit graphic later, so read at your own risk.

Let me start by saying these examples are for subs/slaves that have a good deal of experience with me or others. The D/s described and definitely the M/s is not for a newbie, not at the level I discuss here.

Ok let’s look at one of my pet peeves that subs do…speeding. This is totally unacceptable as it not only endangers the sub but also people around her.

D/s Punishment


Subs with a lot of experience getting punishments develop quite a tolerance. This leads to a dilemma. A hand spanking, even a hard one, can produce more pleasure than pain and that’s not what I want.

So let’s start with the heart paddle, yes the evil tool of Dom meanies. I would say 25 per cheek will get that bb stinging some. Next, wood hairbrush, 35 should do. By now there would be a lot of yelling and squirming OTK. The strap comes next, although this would be applied with the sub bent over something, a desk, couch, etc. 35 should do it.

Now we progress into teaching the sub just how unacceptable speeding is using the school paddle. The heavy wood stings like fire so, 25 sounds about right. Finally 12 of the best with the cane. After all the spankings are given she’s placed in a corner with her marked bb clearly visible. Of course after the stint in the corner is over then there is after care. I would hold onto the sub or have her sit in my lap, stroke her, not in a sexual way but a comforting one. Talk to her if she needed to or if she needs to cry let her get it out. Lastly, I would forgive her and make sure she knows the punishment was for her own good.

M/s Punishment:


First off, when a slave commits a bad behavior like this it is much much more serious than a sub doing so. In this scenario a slave must be prepared for what’s to come so certain procedures are required.

Now is the time for the faint hearted or easily embarrassed to stop reading.

No? Ok, I warned you.

The slave is striped, totally. She is then blindfolded and gagged or bitted. From there she is either suspended, arms above her head or tied over a bench but her breasts must not be touching anything. Why, you ask? Well, next the nipples are clamped and each breast pinned with numerous clothespins. By now some squirming and low moans of pain are heard. For some, these are not moans of pain but soon will be. Best case scenario is to have some thin chain go from the nipple clamps to a collar so when the slave jerks her head…you get the picture. Hey stop with the maniac chants, I warned you. Also let me remind you that M/s is totally consensual. Next is an important component but one that is hardly pleasing, a ginger root is peeled, shaped and inserted anally. Yes, you read this right. A butt plug is a viable option but does not have the additional burn that is required. This basically makes it so when the slave clenches her bottom during a stroke the ginger releases juice causing an increase in the painful burning sensation. As you can tell our slave is already in some discomfort and not a stroke has been given. She’s blindfolded so she has no idea when a stroke will come or what it will be with.


Already having an intimate knowledge of the slave I will know what implements she likes and hates of course. Let’s say she hates a wooden spoon. A good start would be 50 of those. From there I would continue with various wood implements; paddles, brushes, etc. Then on to my whip. This would be applied from mid-back to the backs of the knees. It’s s a short whip but can leave very red welts. Now, a lot of slaves love to be whipped. Just to be sadistic, when she starts enjoying it I bring out the canes, the birch and the rug beater. This type of pain will snap a slave right out of her endorphin zone. I would then leave the slave to absorb the punishment for a brief bit.

Aftercare is vital here as this is very severe punishment so it begins with a touch over the body which will be very soothing. Off comes the blindfold then the gag. Again, I would stroke her hair and whisper I forgive her. Next the ginger would be taken out and finally the pins taken off. It’s possible for some that they would be in subspace, others just crying and needing to be held. Whichever the case I would never ever leave her alone. If she is crying I need to hold on until she is done, if she is floating in subspace I need to monitor her and make sure she comes out of it. Either way she will be very sore for a while, inside and out, but it will serve as a good reminder to never commit this offence again.

Ok I hear you…this is cruel, you are so sadistic, we thought you were a nice Dom not a torturous monster. Relax.

As I said, it’s for endangering yourself or innocent bystanders. Speeding could result in someone’s death. Still think it’s cruel? It would have happened more than once to get a punishment to this place. If you have not fainted and are still with me that’s a very basic difference between a D/s punishment and an M/s one. If it deters a woman’s habit of speeding then I say it’s worth it. Would you not say so? After all I could be saving you or your loved ones life by providing this deterrent so strictly. Do I really need to say it?

Be good, or else…lol


School Paddle v. Cane

I know lovelies, your favorites right? Kind of like Godzilla vs Mothra of the D/s world, lol. Here’s the 411. As a Dom I like using both of these for different reasons. I should preface this by saying they are severe punishment implements (unless I am doing a subspace session of course).

When do I use these special toys? The offence must be serious such as speeding, texting while driving, missing prescribed meds, public display of inebriation etc.

School Paddle

2014-08-05Pain: 10
Effectiveness: 10
Method: Severe
SJ Feels: Some empathy for the subbie’s pain and result of severity

Now, I like the paddle. The school paddle is long and heavy wood. For teaching a lesson it is most effective indeed. I have the subbie bend over bb. The paddle can be placed right on the sit spots before the first stroke. I love the sound of wood on a bare bottom. The reaction I almost always get ranges from jumping about, as if doing an interpretive dance, to begging and confessing to be good forever and/or to various unsolved crimes of the past. And that’s after one stroke. Yes I love applying the paddle and the redness is really fire engine red, cherry red, high def red, sorry I got carried away. Anyway, fun fun…well for me…excuse me, feeling a little sadistic today.


2014-08-05 (2)
Pain: 10
Effectiveness: 10
Method: Severe
SJ Feels: In De Sade mood, enjoyment of subbies suffering and marks

Door number two, the cane, so innocent looking but oh so effective on a bare bottom. This I enjoy because of the thin red welts it produces (I told you, I was feeling sadistic today, Did you all really think I was a nice Dom 24/7?). Bent over is good but I really like my submissives over a spanking bench, preferably tied down as only a select few subs can hold a position during a caning. Usually 12 of the best is enough but I have doubled that in the past.

Either one is good, however, my favorite? You guessed it, both!!!

A hard paddling, first, really gets that naughty bottom into a very sensitive mode. Even if you are lucky and somehow your endorphins kicked in I can assure you the whipping action of a school cane will throw you right out of that comfort zone. Ahh, I feel so nostalgic, too bad Bree is not feeling well. I would love to see some welts on her spankable bottom, oh well another time, and there will be another time trust me.

Be good, or else…
(Especially if I am in DeSade mode, lol)